Colorful Exotic India - Bangalore


Bangalore 2013  

"There are some parts of the world that, once visited, get into your heart and won’t go."  Keith Bellows


Bangalore India 2



This is India for me.  Which I find very interesting, as India was not on my list of “must visit” countries.   Last November, D had a business trip to New Delhi, so of course I tagged along – why not?  I became intrigued with this exotic country.  When I learned he was scheduled for a second trip, this time to Bangalore, I could hardly wait to go.  And it did not disappoint. 

There is something about India; its color, culture, people, streets ... they seem like pages from an ancient story.  



Bangalore India 3



Bangalore India 4



Bangalore is in the southern part of India.  It was a 4 1/2 hour flight from Singapore with a time difference of 2 1/2 hours.  Don’t ask about the half hour time zone… it is the craziest thing.



Bangalore india _edited-2


We know it as Bangalore, but the real name is Bengaluru, changed in 2006.  Actually, this change brought it back to its original name, which was Bengaluru.  The city is said to be over 1000 years old.



Bangalore India 6



Bangalore India 8


Bengaluru has been referred to as the Silicon Valley of India due to having the highest number of software companies in India and the highest number of software professionals in the world.


Bangalore India 9



Bangalore India 10



They have amazing street art/graffiti.



Bangalore India 11



Bangalore India 12



India has more than 50% of its population below the age of 25 and more than 65% below the age of 35.



Bangalore India 23



Bangalore India 21


While we were there, a small bomb went off in the city.  It was politically motivated.  This is the first time in our travels we have had a bombing in the city we were visiting.


  Bangalore India 18



Bangalore India 24


Look closely at the animal below - it is a calf, not a dog. And, this house is right in the middle of the city.



Bangalore India 25



Christiana, my friend who lives in China, was traveling with her spouse so I had a buddy to run with during the visit.  We had a blast!  We hired an auto rickshaw (tuk tuk) the first day we arrived and we liked the driver so much we used him for five days.  He was great and took good care of us.



Bangalore India 15



This was one of the craziest sights we saw... a man carrying a casket down the street.  Was it real?  Was it paper?  We have no idea.



Bangalore India 19



There were cows EVERYWHERE!  Here they are on the front porch of a house.  In India, the cow is sacred and never killed for food.  It is used as source for milk and symbol of life.  Most every household has one and they are considered pets with names and personalities.



Bangalore India 26



 Sweet little one with a bindi.



Bangalore India 27



The one below belonged to a beggar.  His owner was walking down the street playing an instrument.  Oddly enough, he was doing this for the locals not for tourists.  There were no tourists around but us.  What a beautiful costume for a cow.



Bangalore India 28



On any given road you would see cows walking with no owner.  They say stray and homeless cows, especially in Southern India, are cared for by temples.



Bangalore India 29



Several of them blocking traffic!   



Bangalore India 30



Bangalore India 34



Bangalore India 32



Well... um... no words needed here.



Bangalore India 36



India is the second most populated country in the world and Bangalore is India's third most populous city.  The traffic is crazy.  



Bangalore India 37 


On the highways there are no white dividing lines and what looks like space for about 4 lanes of traffic, they make into 5 or 6 lanes.  Weaving any which way they can go - even if it is the opposite direction!



Bangalore India 38



Approximately 8 million people live in Bangalore.  



Bangalore India 40



As always - we ventured into the local part of town to check out their food market.



Bangalore India 42


Oh my, this is where you are happy we do not have the ability to smell photos on our computer!  I have to say... this was by far, the filthiest market we have ever been through.  I felt like I caught something just from smelling the air.



Bangalore India 43



Continue at your own risk...


Bangalore India 49


As in most countries, the locals were very friendly and open to us taking their photos, even smiling and posing for the shots. 



Bangalore India 44



Bangalore India 45



You can't really see them, but the flies were all over these chickens.



Bangalore India 46



Bangalore India 48



Not only are the markets dirty, but streets are also filthy.  And the air quality is very poor compared to Singapore.  Although, this is all relative; as Christiana, from Shanghai, was enjoying the "clean air" in Bangaluru (the air in China is very very dirty).  This is one thing we love about going home to Singapore - it is SO CLEAN!


Bangalore India 50



We were surprised to see turkeys... especially just cruising around the streets.



Bangalore India 51


Like many Asian countries, a lot is sold in the streets: clothes, cooking items, and food.


Bangalore India 54


Must have been something really good below.  You might have noticed how many Muslims are in our photos.  Islam is the second-most practiced religion in India after Hinduism, encompassing around 15% of the country's population.   



Bangalore India 56



Bangalore India 58


I was fascinated by how they hung these grapes.  I have never seen them displayed this way before.  And notice the size of the grapes - beautiful! 



Bangalore India 59


They say the best guava fruit are grown in India.



Bangalore India 76



How could I resist giving these guys their moment of fame?



Bangalore India 60


Bangalore India 61




There are many beautiful, colorful, old temples throughout the city.  We had our tuk tuk driver take us to a few of them.   He even went inside with us and told us a few facts about the temples and the religion.



Bangalore India 64



Narasimha, the Man-Lion, is regarded as the greatest and most powerful of the deities (god or goddess or divine character).  He is known as the "great protector" who defends and protects his devotees in times of need.

Bangalore India 66



Bangalore India 69



Interesting how they placed the red and yellow markings on the statues.



Bangalore India 71



And below, where the water is poured on only one figure.



Bangalore India 72



Hindus believe in millions of female goddesses. Each goddess has her own story and looks different from the next.



Bangalore India 67



Ganesha, the Hindu Elephant God, is one of the best-known and most widely worshipped deities in India.  He is the remover of obstacles and Lord of success. 


Bangalore India 68



This is a very large statue (65 feet tall) of Lord Shiva, a Hindu god.  He is sitting in the Lotus position (meditation) and has 4 arms, which represent the four cardinal directions of the compass.  He is both a destroyer and a restorer.



Bangalore India 73



Bangalore India 74


Indian phone booth.



Bangalore India 75



Shopping!  Oh yes so much fun shopping in India - D had a few hours on Sunday to check out the city and help me and Christiana shop.  The tuk tuk driver took this photo with my camera.  I told you he was good!


Bangalore India 78


Deep in negotiations!


Bangalore India 79


In India, they have an unusual setup when you go to a shop to buy a Sari, a Khadi, or a scarf.  The sales people sit on a raised floor, you sit in a chair in front of them, and then they pull 20 to 30 outfits and lay them out on the platform for you to examine.  I bought a ready-made outfit here as well as I had one custom-made.  If you are traveling to India for the first time, don't be intimated by this process.  


Bangalore India 80


Here I am with Lal, our tuk tuk driver.  Again, making me look like jumbo woman - just to remind you, I am only 5'4!


Bangalore India 81


Sunset from our hotel window....

Goodnight beautiful India - until next time!



Bangalore India 86


Enchanting India - New Delhi and Agra


New Delhi and Agra, India

An enchanting land....



Taj altered 2



 .... the people



Old woman



..... the colors



New delhi india (4)



.... the culture



New delhi india (5)





New Delhi

This trip was different from most of our trips as we were with a conference and every minute of the week was planned out for us.  D started work at 2:00 on Sunday (we arrived very late Saturday night).  We were able to squeeze in a local market Sunday morning.


New delhi india 3 6


New Delhi is the capital city of India and is part of metropolitan complex of Delhi.  Delhi has close to 15 million people living there.



New delhi india 8



The ladies of the market...



New delhi india 3 1



New delhi india 3 3




New delhi india 3 2


Isn't she precious?


New delhi india 3 4



Colorful kurtis - very popular outfits for women, along with saris.



New delhi india 3 13



A mid-morning nap - I wonder if all this color made him have good dreams?



New delhi india 3 12



Old Delhi is one of the oldest cities in the world, with a history dating back 5000 years.  The British developed New Delhi in 1911 - it is only a hundred years old.  In 1931, during British rule, India was forced to shift its capital from Calcutta to New Delhi. 



New delhi india 3 5


New delhi india 3 73




New Delhi is one of the fastest growing cities in both India and the world. It is the government, commercial, and financial center of India.



New delhi india 12


We saw very young men, really boys, working in the streets.  Notice this sewing machine is working with a foot petal, not with electricity.


New delhi india 3 15



New delhi india 3 16


They are making a sweet donut-like treat.


New delhi india 3 17



New delhi india 3 18


This was the only street food D managed to get!  I passed on tasting it.  It was our first day and I had heard that most everyone gets sick in India.  I am happy to report that no one got sick, including the three that tasted the street food!


New delhi india 3 19


A temple on wheels.  Close to 80% of India is of Hindu Religion and the vast majority belong to Vaishnavite and Shaivite denominations.


New delhi india 3 20


People put money in the temple and then wave their hands over the incense to direct the smoke to their face. 


New delhi india 3 21


A camel walking on the main road.  Now that would be a fun way to get to work each day!


New delhi india 3 24

A refreshing lemon drink - no we did not try it.  You really should not drink anything that is not bottled commercially.


  New delhi india 3 10


Sights we visited:


Part of the conference was a trip to the Taj Mahal in Agra.  It took us four hours each way but it was oh so worth it!  The view as we approached the Taj.  Did you know that the Taj Mahal was a labor of love?



The photo below is actually a reflection of the Taj in a pool in the front garden.  I did NOT alter this photo!  This is one of my favorite photos of the trip.  The Taj Mahal is UNESCO World Heritage site.  


Taj upside down


It took 22 years to build the Taj Mahal  (1631-1653).  The story behind it is one of the greatest love stories of all times.  The Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan built it for his third and favorite wife, Mumtaz Mahal.  Their marriage was a "love" marriage, not an arranged one.


  India 129


Because  Mumtaz Mahal was his favorite wife, she traveled everywhere with him.  Even though she was in the ninth month of pregnancy, she traveled with Shah Jahan when he set out for Burhanpur with his armies to subdue a rebellion.  



New delhi india 3 75


While on this journey, the queen gave birth to their fourteenth child.  She suffered complications and did not survive.  According to legend, on her dying bed, Shah Jahan promised her that he would never remarry and would build the most beautiful mausoleum over her grave, more beautiful than any the world had ever seen before.  


New delhi india 3 76



The queen is buried in the exact center of the Taj and the Shah is buried by her side.   


New delhi india 3 74


The mosque and the guesthouse in the complex are built of red sandstone in contrast to the marble mausoleum.  It is also a beautiful structure.


New delhi india 3 78



For twenty-two years, twenty thousand men and women labored day and night to create the emperor shah Jahan’s promise to his beloved.  It is primarily made of marble with inlay work of precious/semi precious stones. It truly is a breathtaking sight!




The road to Agra and the Taj Mahal...


Most of the following photos were taken from a bus window while the bus was moving.  A rarity for us, as we never take bus tours, but this was part of the day's events.  We had a great time despite not being able to walk among the locals.


New delhi india 3 65


India is a poor country and not many people own cars.   It is common to see people jumping on and off the back of trucks to get to where they are going.


New delhi india 3 66




New delhi india 3 67


There were also motorcycles on the road, but nothing like some of the Asian countries we have traveled to.


  India 114


The countryside side was quite beautiful, with many people working the fields.


India 23


Agra is a very touristy town, yet they were quite intrigued to see our caravan of buses coming into town.  A brand new toll road just opened up, but there was hardly any traffic on it and the police stopped us frequently.  Eventually, the police gave up and escorted our five buses to the Taj with their siren lights on.  We also had armed guards on our bus.


New delhi india 3 46



 This truck has seen better days.



New delhi india 3 47



New delhi india 3 57

The people were very friendly and waved at our bus as we went by.


New delhi india 3 49


Love this photo - look closely, the woman is carrying milk and the cow is trailing behind her.


New delhi india 3 51



New delhi india 3 52


So colorful!



New delhi india 3 53



Looks like this one is getting in a quick nap before he goes to school.



New delhi india 3 54



New delhi india 3 56


As always - safety first!


New delhi india 3 58


New delhi india 3 59



New delhi india 3 69



There were many women with children begging for food and money.



New delhi india 3 71


The Agra Red Fort



Less than a mile from the Taj Mahal sits the Agra Fort.  Like the Taj, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

  New delhi india 3 81


The Agra Fort (often called the Red Fort) was designed and built by the great Mughal ruler, Akbar, around 1565 A.D.  It derives its name from the extensive use of red sandstone on the massive walls that surround the fort.


  New delhi india 3 (1)


New delhi india 3 84


It was initially built as a military establishment, and later it was converted into a magnificent palace.


New delhi india 3 85


Shah Jahan was imprisioned in the Fort by his own son for the last eight years of his life. 

New delhi india 3 79



Diwan-I-Am or Hall of Public Audience, constructed between 1631-40, was the place where the emperor addressed the general public as well as the nobility. 



New delhi india 3 80



New delhi india 3 83


The town of Agra was very busy in the evening as we departed.  It made for some challenging maneuvering for our bus driver.



New delhi india 3 87


New delhi india 3 86



New delhi india 3 88



New delhi india 3 89



We got to see many other sights during the week including:


The Lotus Temple


The Bahá'í House of Worship, also known as the Lotus Temple because of its flowerlike shape, is a fairly new structure, completed in 1986.  Like all Bahá'í Houses of Worship, the Lotus Temple is open to all, regardless of religion.  Inside is a giant empty room with chairs.  You must be completely silent when you enter.  This was a challenge for a few of us girls  :  )


New delhi india 3 36


India Gate

India Gate is a national monument in India. Situated in the heart of New Delhi, it was inspired by the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.  Originally known as the All India War Memorial, the India Gate was constructed in 1931 as a memorial to honor 90,00 soldiers who laid down their lives during World War I.


  New delhi india 3 35


We also did a lot of shopping and we got to see a real fashion show, stop by my art blog to see more photos of the show.

India Fashion show 11



Evening Events


Each evening we had dinner and a performance.  They were a bit touristy but I really enjoyed each and every one of them!  Below I am getting a "bindi" as I enter the show.  



New delhi india V2 28


Bindi is derived from the sanskrut word ‘bindu’, which means dot.  It is an ornamental mark placed on the forehead between the two eyebrows. 


New delhi india V2 29


A common assumption is that a bindi is a mark of the married women, but all women can wear one.  In India, a 'bindi' on a woman's forehead or a 'tilak' on a man's forehead signifies the individual's spiritual eye, also called the 'third eye.'  The third eye is a mystical symbol of higher consciousness, and is thought to be the center of the base of creation.  It is also said to protect against demons.



New delhi india V2 30


Notice what I am wearing... I purchased a beautiful kurti.


New delhi india 3 43


There were colorful characters at the entrance of the show.  The show was a bollywood performance and it was awesome.  We were not allowed to take photos.


New delhi india V2 31


New delhi india V2 32


New delhi india 3 42

 The next evening we were entertained with fire.  Women dancing with pots of fire on their heads and ...


New delhi india V2 16


A fire-breathing man!



New delhi india V2 17


New delhi india V2 18


New delhi india V2 19


While balancing all the pots on her head, she managed to stand on two swords.


New delhi india V2 20


Guess who was pulled from the audience to dance with the performers?? Love that look on my face.


New delhi india V2 21


The next evening we saw traditional dances from different regions of India.


New delhi india V2 22



New delhi india V2 23


New delhi india V2 24


And I leave you with the fun little three-wheeled contraptions called “autos”, a common mode of transportation in India.


New delhi india 3 63



New delhi india 3 64


 How many people can they squeeze into one auto?  Obviously many!


New delhi india 3 60



New delhi india 3 61


Safety first!


New delhi india 3 62



The girls did end up using them one day.  But we got two of them for four of us.  That was probably considered a luxury!



New delhi india 3 23



New delhi india 3 (2)



New delhi india 3


Farewell India!  For a country that was not high on our "to see" list we really enjoyed our trip and hope to go back and explore more of this interesting country.  Good news.... it's looking like a trip to Bangalore in the spring!


New delhi india 3 77