Spectacular Keukenhof Gardens in Holland

We had a perfect day, sunny blue skies,  and the flowers were at their peak.  I was the happiest person in the park.....D was the most unhappy!


Keukenhof blog 7

D hates the Keukenhof Gardens.  He promised me last year, that this year, no matter what he would take me.  And he kept his promise!   What should have be a two and a half hours drive took us four hours.  So this meant my time was very limited........

Keukenhof blog 4

Two and half hours to be exact!   I ran from flower to flower.......I took 963 photos and this included time for a quick lunch. 


Keukenhof blog 1 

I am very happy with the photos I took and ABSOLUTELY I would go next year.  D said only if I plan to go with someone else  :  )



Keukenhof Gardens 035

If you would like to see more colorful flowers visit the slide show I created with our new Mac computer....what do you think?  I wish it were larger.

Visit to the Keukenhof Gardens Holland from cathy ward on Vimeo.

And if you would like to see them as photos - please click on the Keukenhof Garden album in the upper right hand side of the blog.