One from the bucket list - the Great Wall of China

Where have we been?

We are living in Virginia and still traveling!

It is hard to believe but my last post on our travel blog was in May of 2016 and it was a trip we took in May of 2105!  I am not sure why I stopped blogging.... but I miss it.

In August of 2015 we relocated back to the United States and it was a much more difficult transition then I could ever imagine.  We were frantically traveling before heading home, along with the giant task of packing up our entire home to move to the other side of the world.  There was no time to blog and once you get out of the habit it is hard to keep it going. 

But I AM READY to get back into the groove of blogging!  I have so many exciting trips to share.

We continue to travel.... D quite a bit!  In fact, we will head off to Greece in a few weeks and on the way home he will hit his million miles on United!  Technically, he hit it a long time ago if you count ALL of our travels, but while we lived in Brussels and Singapore we rarely flew on United so our miles are spread across many airlines.  I probably have one million under my belt as well!

So check back soon - I will be posting trips from Beijing and the Great Wall, Sri Lanka, Japan, Vietnam, Bangkok, Bali, California, Paris, Brussels, three fabulous weeks in Italy, and Singapore (I have been back twice since we left, D has been back five times!)  I asked him if we really should still be living there  :  )



Robin aka @thegothamgirl

Great! Can't wait to hear about your trips! My blog has been neglected as well...and working to fix that!

odile lm

Hi Cathy!
I'm so happy to see you back here and looking forward to reading about your new trips and see all the pictures you've taken there, about people, places and food also... I've been so much enjoying all your trips for many years so I'm sure I'll enjoy visiting the places you're going to show us...
Thank you to Mary Ann, I've learned today the expression "an armchair traveler", this is what I am too... loving to travel through blogs and videos!

Mary Ann

So glad to see this, I am an armchair traveler and loved your blog!


Welcome back!! You've been missed ~

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