Ninh Bình, Vietnam - the missing post

Snapshots from Korea


Seoul, Korea

May 2015



Seoul 29








Seoul 22




Seoul 21




Seoul 17




Seoul 12







Seoul 9




Seoul 10




Seoul 19




Seoul 20




Seoul 24




Seoul 26




Seoul 30




Jeju Island, Korea



Jeju 4



Jeju 13




Jeju 9





Seoul 15



  Jeju 8




Jeju 50 



Jeju 17




Jeju 6




Jeju 7




Jeju 19




Jeju 20




Jeju 21




Jeju 24 




Jeju 22




Jeju 23




  Jeju 26




Jeju 27




Jeju 28




Cupcake men




Jeju 29




Jeju 30




Jeju 31




Jeju 35




Jeju 36




Jeju 42



Jeju 45




Jeju 46



We really enjoyed Seoul and wished we had more time to explore the city. 

We ended up having less than two days there due to the conference D had to attend on Jeju Island. 

A fun fact about the route from Seoul to Jeju Island, it is the WORLD"S busiest passenger air route.


Carol aka Traveller

somehow I missed this post - glad to see you are still getting in some travelling and eating!

Robin aka @thegothamgirl

What a wonderful introduction to Seoul! Thank you!


Beautiful, as always, and the food looks AMAZING!!

odile lm

Hi Cathy!
It seems that you enjoyed a nice time in Seoul and in Jeju Island just one year ago.... maybe too short for all the places there are to be visited... Seoul seems to show deep contrasts between modern life and old traditions, for instance this old pagoda and the "awful" (sorry....) architecture of the Starbucks restaurant... modern coffee houses and street food vendors or women selling their vegetables on the pavements... and you captured these differences so well... Jeju island seems to be a peaceful place to enjoy the beach (if no swimming!) or fishing... or sailing... thank you for sharing this short trip to Korea...

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