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Mekong Delta, Vietnam - Christmas & New Year 2014


Saigon & the Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Christmas & New Year 2014



MeKong Delta 2014 20



This was a last minute trip.  We realized D had a week of vacation left along with the Christmas/New Year holidays, so we wanted to go somewhere.  Especially because this is our last Christmas in Asia! 

We pulled up fights to see what country was the cheapest, and Vietnam popped up.  The Mekong Delta was on our list of "places we wanted to visit" so we found a match.  What we were NOT expecting was that Vietnam would be so festive for a country that does not celebrate Christmas!



MeKong Delta 2014 3



Ho Chi Minh City, formerly known as Saigon, is a large, busy city.  I actually enjoyed it more this time than last, maybe because it was extra festive during the holidays.   



MeKong Delta 2014 4



We flew out on Christmas Day and spent the first night in Saigon.  That evening the streets were packed with families riding around the city on their motorcycles.  We were told this was the big thing to do on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. 



Christmas mekong delta (c)169



Many of the children were wearing Santa suits and hats - so adorable!



MeKong Delta 2014 7




Christmas mekong delta (c)1254



Christmas mekong delta (c)115



Christmas decorations paired with the communist hammer and sickle symbol...  an interesting contrast.



MeKong Delta 2014 5


Look closely at this motorcycle - it has a little wicker seat attached to the front for a child as well as a stuffed animal shaped pillow for emergency padding, the motorcycle version of a car seat and "air" bags.  And we saw them both in use all over the city. Like we always say - safety first!







Christmas mekong delta (c)578



Christmas mekong delta (c)1260



Bonus points if we capture a family of five on a bike!  We saw many this time.



Christmas mekong delta (c)1276



Christmas mekong delta (c)1292


How about a puppy?



Christmas mekong delta (c)566



The next day we hired a car to drive us to our hotel in Cai Be, situated in the Mekong Delta region.  Our hotel had individual huts that looked right out onto the Mekong River. 



MeKong Delta 2014 9



The Mekong River is the world’s 10th-longest river and the 7th-longest in Asia.  It covers an area of approximately 15,000 square miles (40,000 square kilometers).

We loved sitting on our back porch watching the daily activity on the river.  These men came every morning to check their traps.  



MeKong Delta 2014 12


MeKong Delta 2014 15




MeKong Delta 2014 19

MeKong Delta 2014 13








MeKong Delta 2014 14



 They were so close I almost felt like we were peering into their homes.  Well, really we were.



MeKong Delta 2014 16




MeKong Delta 2014 18



We enjoyed a foot massage in the outdoor spa.  D finally learned to enjoy one!  He loves full body massages but hates having his feet done.  Not me - I will sit for hours if you massage my feet.






We had never seen open boats full of rice like the ones below.  This area is often referred to as the 'rice bowl' of Vietnam due its huge production of rice crop.



Rice boat



I am not sure I could squat like this on a regular floor without falling over, let alone off the back of a boat!






Bouquets and notes placed on our pillow each night.  How cleaver to write the note on the leaf.  We really enjoyed this hotel and found the area to be extremely relaxing.



MeKong Delta 2014 11



Can Tho


We stayed at the lovely Boutique hotel Nam Bo in Can Tho.  It was our 26th wedding anniversary!  They left us a sweet treat and a heart of roses on the bed.  Awe...



MeKong Delta 2014 22



 D in front of the Ho Chi Minh statue while wearing his Ho Chi Minh T-shirt.




D with ho chi minh


The biggest and best floating market in the Mekong Delta is Phung Hiep. The market opens at 4.00 am and closes around 11.00 am, so you need arrive early.  It gets pretty packed with tourist, but still worth a visit.  



MeKong Delta 2014 23



Farmers from the region bring their fruits and vegetables to the floating markets on the larger boats and sell them to local dealers (in the small boats). These dealers in turn sell the products at local markets, or to shops in the neighboring towns. 



MeKong Delta 2014 34



MeKong Delta 2014 24



MeKong Delta 2014 31




MeKong Delta 2014 25



Vendors hang the product they sell from the top of a pole attached to their boat so the buyer can see from far away.



MeKong Delta 2014 26



MeKong Delta 2014 37



MeKong Delta 2014 27



Our boat driver/guide bought a jackfruit - he must have gotten a good deal as he was very happy.



MeKong Delta 2014 28



MeKong Delta 2014 32


MeKong Delta 2014 33




MeKong Delta 2014 35




MeKong Delta 2014 36



 D saving us from a collision!



  MeKong Delta 2014 38



Food and eating is a big part of the market.  There are small boats selling coffee and soup and other items to eat. They are for the locals, but some tourists come for breakfast.



MeKong Delta 2014 42



MeKong Delta 2014 39



We had a cup of coffee from this woman.  Her big smile was infectious! 



MeKong Delta 2014 40


  MeKong Delta 2014 41



A few snapshots of everyday life on the water...



MeKong Delta 2014 44




MeKong Delta 2014 45




MeKong Delta 2014 46



Our guide was so much fun.  He spoke very little English, but we had a great time with him.  And he was quite talented in making things from the reed and flowers found along the water.



MeKong Delta 2014 48


MeKong Delta 2014 49





Our lovely hotel was only available for two nights so we decided to stay the last night in a home stay. Not a typical choice for us, but we decided to give this one a try.  It was very sweet, but one night was enough!   :  )



MeKong Delta 2014 50



They were simple walls of grass tied together.  You had to be very quiet or you neighbor could hear everything.  The owners were a young couple.  She had just finished university and he was a policeman.



MeKong Delta 2014 51



We had to sleep in a mosquito net.  And they were not to just make the room look pretty!



MeKong Delta 2014 52



There was a relaxing area next to the huts with hammocks. 



MeKong Delta 2014 53




MeKong Delta 2014 60



A jackfruit tree, where the fruit can get as big as 80 pounds each.  Jackfruit has a very strong smell (not as bad as the durian) but taste quite nice.  Described as a cross between an apple, pineapple, mango, and banana.



MeKong Delta 2014 61



This is a good shot that shows a banana leaf.  Banana leaf salad is very popular in Vietnam.



MeKong Delta 2014 62



  banana flower



The home stay also had small boats we could take out on our own.



MeKong Delta 2014 63



Yes, I actually took a boat out and rowed on my own.  Not that I went very far  :   )    The scenery was beautiful.



MeKong Delta 2014 64


MeKong Delta 2014 65



We did a boat tour here too.   It gave us a very different perspective then the others we had taken.



MeKong Delta 2014 54



It was very junglesque.  We even saw Tarzan!

We have no idea what he was doing. 


MeKong Delta 2014 55




Our guide was one of the helpers at the home stay.  He only spoke one word of English, "hello".  When he wanted to get our attention to show us something he would say hello.  hello.  He was quite ornery and had us laughing a lot.




MeKong Delta 2014 67



D loves to cross rickety old bridges.  I use the word "bridge" loosely.



MeKong Delta 2014 68



 A mini bridge for me to cross.  Isn't the green moss on the water a beautiful color?



MeKong Delta 2014 69



Local life on the river....



MeKong Delta 2014 57




MeKong Delta 2014 59




MeKong Delta 2014 70





MeKong Delta 2014 72



We saw several people cleaning vegetables and fish (above) as well as bathing and brushing their teeth (below) with the river water.



Sweet treat



And we visited a crocodile farm!  This place was bizarre.  It was not for tourists.  In fact, I thought it was very dangerous as no one was around to see if we were going to climb into the pen.  There were hundreds of crocodiles.  There were close to 15 large pens, each holding the same size and age from babies to huge adult crocodiles.  I read that this was a farm for skin and meat and their main market for selling the skin is China.



MeKong Delta 2014 74



MeKong Delta 2014 75



MeKong Delta 2014 76



As I mentioned, there were lots of fun activities at the home stay.  We even went bicycling with the chef/housekeeper.  The entire staff was really good, helping out wherever they are needed.



MeKong Delta 2014 77



Of course we had to stop for a scoop of ice cream when I saw this vendor.  Forgetting that this probably was not the safest thing to eat!






Our guide had to run an errand so we tagged along. 

She spoke around 5 words of English.  Can you guess what she bought?



MeKong Delta 2014 78



Below is the bag she walked away with. 

Here is a hint; they are warm and fuzzy...



MeKong Delta 2014 79



Baby ducks! 

We asked if they were to eat by running our finger across our neck.....

they were not!



MeKong Delta 2014 80



We stopped by a local temple and met the older woman who lives there and takes care of it.  From what we could gather she was around 88 and her husband is still alive, but was in town drinking. 



MeKong Delta 2014 82



We shared our drinks with her and she gave us cookies.



MeKong Delta 2014 83



She showed us the graves of her parents and grandparents.  Three generations having lived in the temple.



MeKong Delta 2014 84



This was a sweet little scene - a neighborhood of children and adults playing bingo outside.



MeKong Delta 2014 86



We toured a rice noodle factory.



Noodle making



We both tried our hand at making them.



D Grid



I am going to share my moment with you... when I fell of my bike.  The tire caught on the edge of the sidewalk and I went down.  Fortunately no injuries, but it really scared our guide!



MeKong Delta 2014 87


MeKong Delta 2014 88


Another snack we tried... Banh Bong Lan - translates to sponge cake.  





Back to Saigon to celebrate New Year's Eve. 



MeKong Delta 2014 114



Following the fall of Saigon in 1975, Saigon was "officially" renamed Ho Chi Minh City. However the old Saigon name is still used by both Vietnamese and tourists.  I like calling it Saigon as I think it sounds exotic!



  MeKong Delta 2014 89



A visit to the market.



MeKong Delta 2014 94



  MeKong Delta 2014 90



MeKong Delta 2014 92



MeKong Delta 2014 93




MeKong Delta 2014 100



A crazy old man (more likely a drunk old man) posing for me to take his photo.



Old man



Check out this guys pet...



MeKong Delta 2014 96



Sweet children, always happy to pose for the camera.



MeKong Delta 2014 97



MeKong Delta 2014 98



MeKong Delta 2014 99




MeKong Delta 2014 103



MeKong Delta 2014 104



The little guy is holding hands with one girl and is waving to the other.  Priceless!



MeKong Delta 2014 105



And then he turns around waves to me!  Quite the little flirt.



MeKong Delta 2014 106






Usually I get the bride, but this groom was just too cute.



MeKong Delta 2014 108



We found these mangers very interesting.  It looked like a nativity cave for the little Christ figures.  We saw many of them on people's porches - some small, some large.  The catholic population in Vietnam is less than 7%. 



MeKong Delta 2014 1




MeKong Delta 2014 101



MeKong Delta 2014 102



Nap time!


  MeKong Delta 2014 109



I will end this long blog with New Year's Eve!  This is the view from our window around 11 PM.  The road was completely blocked with motorcycles and people.  Fortunately our hotel was in a fantastic location.



MeKong Delta 2014 110



Me in the middle of the crowd.



MeKong Delta 2014 111



And the fireworks! 

What a great way to end 2014 and to welcome 2015!



MeKong Delta 2014 113





Carol aka Traveller

what a wonderful experience this must have been and you've got some great shots to remember it all by. I'd love to go back to Vietnam again and visit the Mekong Delta and Sapa hill tribes.


Those people napping on the motorcycles cracked me up! You two always have such wonderful adventures and "dig in" to the local culture. I think I might miss your adventures as much as you do.

Mary Ann

The children look very, very happy, don't they? How wonderful to grow up without war and know only peace... they have a beautiful country, too, and I'm glad you showed it to us.

odile lm

I spent a wonderful moment visiting in your company the beautiful region of the Mekong Delta.
Your pictures are so different from what we can see in books and travel magazines... you have a fresh and respectful look over the people, their customs, their way of life... you have a kindly and watchful eye with the people, you are showing us their daily life without any embellishment, you don't hesitate to try their food, to share their way of living, you seem to never fear anything... even the ugly crocodiles!
There's so much to look at and to tell about each picture, people at work, families on their bikes, kids always smiling... I'm amazed to see that the people seem to be happy despite they are poor and working hard... I guess this is a very young country! so many children everywhere...
Thank you for sharing your pictures, thank you for all the things I've learned through your post... I was really interested...


OMGosh!! LOVE the pic of the dear sweet lady just before the kids... what a beautiful face!!!
As always, your pictures make me feel like I'm there ~ especially the ones showing everyday life.
I'm glad you weren't hurt when you fell ~
Hugs ~

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