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The Philippines - the shortest trip post ever


Moalboal, Philippines - January 2014

 Rain  Rain  Rain



Philippines 148


We are very fortunate, with all the traveling we do, we have never had a vacation that was completely rained out... until the Philippines.

January is not supposed to be their rainy season.  There was an unusual low-pressure storm over most of the islands.  Further south there was bad flooding.  This could have been an awesome vacation - our resort was lovely.



Philippines 116



  Philippines 15



Philippines 101



On the first day we had a little break in the weather mid-morning so we tried to snorkel.  I never got in the water as it was far too rough.  D was out for about 30 minutes but could not see anything.




Philippines 31




He did find a beautiful blue starfish, but that was in knee-deep water.




Philippines 57




 We created a cool Birthday greeting for our niece...




Philippines 157


got in a lot of relaxation and reading...



Philippines 24



and took one brief ride on a local taxi... too wet!



Philippines 97



We enjoyed a local speciality, halo-halo which is a hodgepodge of strange ingredients including shaved ice and ice cream.



Philippines 187



Maybe next time!



Philippines 106





Gerda Pretorius

That looks like cornflakes, jelly and NOODLES with your ice cream!


oh. so sorry. maybe next time!

jeanne stone

lovely photos even though the weather did not cooperate! Especially love the peace of this last shot. I do love sitting in chairs like this and looking out to see what I can see. Hope the weather cooperates more with you the next time.


Too bad you were rained out because it looks like a wonderful place. You guys did what you always do and made the best of it! Love that lavender nail polish 8+)

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