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Kanchanaburi Thailand - Tiger Temple and Bridge on the River Kwai

Bangkok - on the waterfront


Bangkok, Thailand

November 2013


City view


We stayed in a different part of the city on this trip, on the waterfront, and it felt like we were in a completely different city!  We had an awesome view (click here for more photos) from our hotel room.  We had a corner room on the 32nd floor.  Even the shower was glass where you could look out to the view while showering.


Street Food


  Bangkok 13


Bangkok 8


Bangkok 5



Bangkok 11


Reminds me of the ice cream truck who used to come down my street - but with more variety. 



Bangkok 14



Bangkok 1

Bangkok 4





One evening we went to the Asiatique Center for dinner and a walk around their market.  It is a decent market, given it is in such a touristy area. 



Bangkok 20


We went to the puppet theater with the work group... fun, but those puppets are a bit scary!






A visit to the local temple...

I never get tired of visiting temples as each one holds a new sight to discover.



Bangkok 25



Bangkok 27


Look closely; a man is dressing the giant Buddha.



Bangkok 28


Isn't this interesting?  I have never seen anything like it in a temple.  Is it a shrine for a child that passed?



Bangkok 29



Bangkok 31



Bangkok 32



Bangkok 30



A slightly different shrine.



Kanchanaburi 15



Kanchanaburi 16


Have you heard about all the protests in Bangkok?  Well, I stepped right into the middle of it by accident.  This was day two of the marching and at that point they were still pretty peaceful - just VERY loud!



Bangkok 12



Bangkok 15



Bangkok 16



And my secret obsession....Hello Kitty!  Love her and all her friends.



Hello kitty


It was fun watching this talented street artist making balloon shapes.  The hubby had him make me the Hello Kitty balloon.  Awe......how sweet.





We always have such a fun time in Bangkok.  This was our forth visit in 2013!



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