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Vietnam: Hoi An, Hue, and Hanoi

The five-hour motorcycle ride - Hue to De Nang, Vietnam


Hue to De Nang

Vietnam mc ride 24


On my previous post, I mentioned the motorcycle tour around Hue. Well, I let D and the motorcycle guys (Tim and Heui) talk me into scrapping the train ride back to De Nang and instead taking a 5-hour, fun-filled, exciting ride on the back of a motorcycle.  D said it was on his bucket list.  really?  This was the first I had heard of it.  But how could I deny him a bucket list wish?

Let's start off with the video so you can have a better feel for our adventure.




The new me... riding a motorcycle!  I love this photo - me looking so, "I am women, hear me roar". 


Vietnam mc ride 2



Vietnam mc ride 1


At the next break, I put on the cute pink jacket I bought at the market for $10.  The girls at the hotel said I should have only paid $5.  I bought it for protection from the sun.  ALL of the girls wear them in Vietnam.  Notice how it covers my hands.  Vietnamese girls cover every bit of skin by wearing the hood under the helmet, wearing a mask, AND socks (with flip-flops).  They do not want to get any sun.



Vietnam mc ride 3


 D spent most of the ride photographing me!






Vietnam mc ride 4


Our first stop was a little fishing village that was off the beaten path.   A stunning scene.



Vietnam mc ride 5


It was quiet and peaceful.  No other tourists.



Vietnam mc ride 6


Such a hard way of life.



Vietnam mc ride 8



Vietnam mc ride 9


Vietnam mc ride 10


Back on the road to continue our journey.



  Vietnam (2)


Every turn had a beautiful view.


Vietnam mc ride 11


It was interesting to see that these rice fields were at a very different stage than the ones by our hotel in Hoi An, only a few hours away. 



Vietnam mc ride 12


We could not have asked for a more perfect day, puffy white clouds and all.


Vietnam mc ride 14


D kept trying to get me to "lean" into the turns.  I told him I would lean the other way so we would not topple over.  Yes, I know that is the wrong way... you need to go with the flow.


Vietnam mc ride 15


What are those relaxing in the water?



Vietnam mc ride 16


Water buffalo!  With a face only a mother could love.  We never get tired of animal sightings!



Vietnam mc ride 17



Wait - look at me... I am the pretty one!



Vietnam mc ride 18


Vietnam mc ride 19


We took a break at the Elephant Falls.  It was a delightful little stop out in nowhere.  They say hundreds of elephants used to live here.  Sadly, they are now gone.


Vietnam mc ride 20


The water was very clear and a nice place to swim.  Can you spot D?  He said the water was very cold.




Tim, having a good time.  But what a tough job, they go back the same night and it takes around 5 hours due to traffic.  They are basically on the bike 10 hours and they turnaround and do it again the next day.  During the busy season, they take the route everyday of the week. 


Vietnam mc ride 21


No, we were not going the wrong way on a one-way street!



Vietnam mc ride 22


Now that is a proper lean by D!



D bike


Vietnam mc ride 23



Vietnam mc ride 25


Vietnam mc ride 26


Lunch time!



Vietnam mc ride 27


The most awesome mussels we have ever eaten!  I have been craving them ever since.



Vietnam mc ride 29

Us with Tim and Heui - they were really easygoing, fun guys.  They made the trip for us!



Vietnam mc ride 28


  Vietnam mc ride 30


Vietnam mc ride 31



If you look closely in the photo below, you can see a train on the mountain, it was the train we were supposed to take back to Da Nang.  The tickets were only $3 each way so not a big loss.



Vietnam mc ride 32



Vietnam mc ride 34


You can see De Nang in the distance.  I was not sure I wanted the ride to be over!


Vietnam mc ride 35


A cool shot of D.  I like the arrows on the road - that was totally by chance. 


Vietnam mc ride 36


And I'll end with a group shot.  Thank you Tim and Heui - you made a memory for us that we would never forget!



Vietnam mc ride 33





Cathy- what an amazing photographic journey-- your photos are just stunning-- you have had the most incredible experiences!!


Oh Cathy, how FUN!! Once upon a time I spent many many happy hours on the back of my husband's motorcycle and it is a wonderful way to take in the scenery. You are much braver than I, though. I wore full leathers "just in case". The little video at the start is perfect!!

Gerda Pretorius

Way to go, whoopeeee!


Wow Cathy! What a fantastic "Biker Woman" photo! Love it.


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