Recap of 2012 - A Year of Adventure!
Laos: Children of the villages

Udon Thani - Northern Thailand


Udon Thani, Thailand

November, 2012


There were no direct flights into Laos, so we flew to Bangkok, then to Udon Thani.  From there, we crossed the border into Laos by bus.  Udon Thani, the 4th largest city in Thailand, is known as a gateway to Laos.  Since we were not in a hurry, we opted to spend two nights there.  


Udon thani 4

It was special for us because Don Senior was stationed there during the Vietnam War at a major Thai & US Air Force base.  

We stayed in a B&B that was way off the beaten path from the main part of town.  Love the little dog in the middle and the driver is holding the baby.




Here we are eating Belgian food.....did I say Belgian food?  Oddly enough our B&B was owned by a Belgian couple (Tony and Chris)  and Jet, a Thai lady.  Chris was an awesome cook and we were nostalgic for a little "belgian taste".


Udon thani 1


We had great fun at the B&B (Homestay STC).  We rode bicycles and a scooter.  I have not been on a bike since I was 7.....well maybe once in my 20's   :  )   And I am not a BIG fan of scooters - but there was no traffic where we were riding.



Udon thani 10


 And I did not ride alone....I was on the back of D's.



Udon thani 9


 Loving this and easy!


  Udon thani 11



Just chillin' - watching the sun set......



Udon thani 32


This guy was the only fisherman out on the lake that evening - it was so serene.



Udon thani 31



The colors were really this intense.  We took over 600 photos that evening - be thankful I am only sharing four  :  ). 



Udon thani 34


We decided it was one of the "top 5" most beautiful sunsets we have seen.


Udon thani 33


The next day we toured around town and hung with the locals.  This gentleman lived across the road from the B&B and he made beautiful baskets by hand.


Udon thani 2


He did not have any finished when we visited, but said he would have one in the morning for me.  The cost $1.50 USD.  REALLY.  I gave him $3.00.


Udon thani 21


Here is a close up of the basket.  It is a very common basket in this part of the country used for serving rice.  This one was special for me since we got to meet the artist who made it.


  Basket (1)


Local shops around town...

It was fun to see some of the local businesses.

The butcher...


Udon thani 15



The gas station...



  Udon thani 16


Ths snack shop...


Udon thani 22

The auto mechanic...


Udon thani 18


The farmer...


Udon thani 19

We visited a dragon fruit farm which was fascinating as we did not know how they grew.  I did a post on it back in february, click here to read more about this exotic fruit. 


Udon thani 6


They grow on a cactus like treeD just read an article in Time Magazine that said this is going to be the next new "super fruit" in the United States.  Have you tasted one?


Udon thani 7


Udon thani 8



We visited a few temples.  All were very quiet with only locals.


Udon thani 24



Udon thani 26

 A favorite temple of the dogs!


Udon thani 23

We took a one-hour bus ride to cross the border into Laos.  The bus was very local with only one other tourist.  D was taking a photo of me by the bus when this guy said he wanted to be in the photo.  Then.....



Udon thani 35


The women who was selling food on the bus jumped down and said she wanted to be in the photo too!  Look closely in the windows where all the locals are watching.  Priceless!


  Udon thani 36


 Next Stop....Laos!




I don't blame you for taking 600 pix ~ that sunset alone was worth that many!!


Fabulous pictures. Looks wonderful, hubby and I are looking to visit Laos soon, thinking we should add a night in Udon Thani as well.

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