One from the bucket list - riding an elephant!
Udon Thani - Northern Thailand

Recap of 2012 - A Year of Adventure!


2012 - what a fun year





Singapore 71



I can't believe a year has gone by.  On December 30, we moved across the world to Asia..... Singapore to be exact.  We spent most of January discovering our neighborhood, our bus and metro routes, and shopping for food and household items.  Everyday was a learning experience! 

Our first trip was Bangkok, Thailand in February.  We ended up visiting Bangkok 4 times over the year.  I calculated a few fun facts about our travels:


Singapore 82 


Countries visited:  10 

China, Indonesia, India, Laos, Malaysia, New Zealand, Russia,

Thailand (5x), US (2x), Vietnam (2x)  

Continents:  4 (well, if we count New Zealand)

Hotels:  28  (34 for D)

Airplane flights :  40 (52 for D)

Nights away from home:   117 nights

We selected a favorite photo from each place we visited.  If you click on the country link in red it will take you to the full post on the trip.

Our favorite???  SO hard to pick.  We can say the elephant ride in Laos was the highlight for the year.  And the surprise sight was the Taj Mahal, which was absolutely stunning in person.  A must see!



** February **


Thailand - Bangkok



Grass 66



** March **


New Zealand - North and South islands



New zealand blog 38



Thailand, Bangkok



Temple 6


** April **


Thailand - Bangkok





** May **


Vietnam - Hanoi



  Vietnam people 36



Vietnam - Ha Long Bay



Ha long bay 15



Indonesia - Bali



Bali blog 66



** July **


Russia - Moscow



From russia



** August **


Russia - St Petersburg



Tt looking down



China - Yangshou



Yangshuo china 107



China - Longji



  Rice fields china 31



** September **


Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh (Saigon)  


Saigon lady on bike3



India - New Delhi and Agra



Taj altered 2



** November **


Thailand - Bangkok



Bangkok nov 3



Thailand -  Udon Thani

tbp (to be posted)



Sunset copy




the elephant ride






More on Laos in January




We can't wait to see where 2013 takes us.  So far, we have trips scheduled for Myanmar, Bangalore (India), Ho Chi Minh, Bangkok, Bali, and Jakarta.  On my quest to reach 50 countries by 50 - I am at 48, I am pretty sure I will make it in 2013 (D is already at 50).



Texture tuesday greetings from asia



Happy New Year to you!  A big "thank you" for taking the time to stop by our blog to read about our travel adventures.  We hope it inspires you to see the world!



Arjun Rajkumar

Hi Cathy.. Love the picture of the little kids in Vietnam. So happy & blissful they look! 50 is way too easy for you now :) Congratulations of getting there. Awesome. When you are in Bangalore, feel free to get in touch. Regards, Arjun

Cathy and 2 are some of the most interesting couples we know (through Don & Donna - old friends back in OCS, San Antonio, TX. We have pictures of young Donald (a.ka. 'Bunky').
Enjoy your travels , 2 years you shall have circumvented the entire world. Love that photo where you are sipping the young coconut juice..brings back memories of my own country, the Philippines. We were in Thailand way back when Rod was a young captain, USAF serving in Asia. Beautiful country, lovely people.
Keep us posted with your travels. Will bookmark your website.

Best regards,
Rod and Gay Dill


Cathy ~

I love your picture choices! Wishing for safe and remarkable travels for the two of you in 2013 ~

Peace ~


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