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Laos: Children of the villages


We love to get off the beaten track and find small villages where tourist don't normally roam.  You can tell this by the reaction of the children.  If  they ask for money to take their photo, they are used to seeing tourists....  If they are happy to just see their image in the camera... then they are not used to seeing tourists.  



Laos 53


The following photos were taken in a little village just outside of Vientiane. We had so much fun photographing the children as they were so happy to see us.


Laos 57



Laos 58


This little guy caught my eye.  I loved his handmade necklace!


Laos 60




Laos 59


 D having a chat... the children spoke a little English.



Laos 61


Their moms were nearby so we asked them if we could take the children's photos.  Notice the house in the background. 


Laos 63




Laos 64

 As soon as you hold up your camera, they give the peace sign.  This is universal in most Asian countries.



Laos 56


This was another group.


  Laos 41



Love this little one peeking out from behind his big brother.



Laos 42


  Laos 44



Such a little old man!



Laos 45



This group was precious!  They were squealing with excitement... wanting us to take their photos, yet a little bit afraid. 



Laos 46




Laos 48



Their mother was right by them, but they were still shy.   



Laos 49



This photo deserved to be blown up to see the middle girls face - priceless!



Laos 50




Laos 51


There seemed to be more boys than there were girls.  Unfortunately, mortality rates for children under five in Laos are the highest in Southeast Asia (70 per 1,000 births) and second highest in all of Asia, behind only Afghanistan (stats as of 12.12).


  Laos 83



Laos 54



Laos 55


The next set of photos was taken in the little village across the river from Luang Prabang.  We had heavy rain the day before, so the streets were very muddy.


Laos 78

A beautiful child!


Laos 73



Look closely at the photo below - the little girl is playing with her doll on the porch next to the family rooster.   



Laos 74


D loves to buy food and give it out to the children.  Below, he is buying popcorn balls and peanuts.  He tries not to buy candy and buys from the local shops to help support the community. 



Laos 79


Here he is giving out popcorn balls to children coming home from school for their lunch break.  Even the dog wants to see what is going on. 


Laos 80


This yound boy is so serious.  D tried to get him to smile, but he wouldn't.  



Laos 82



The pied-piper... children and dogs following D.



Laos 84


Where are all the mothers?  Gambling!  We couldn't figure out what the game was, but they were busy playing it.  I love how they all are so busy except the older woman in the middle - she is watching us.


Laos 76



Laos 75


The last few photos are of children in the main town of Luang Prabang.  The first one is one of my favorites.

 Laos 67


Laos 72


 The snack cart at recess.


Laos 71

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These pictures are fabulous; what gorgeous children.

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