Bangkok - February 2012
New Zealand. New Country. New Continent (so I thought).

one hour in bangkok


Little boy 1



On our way home from New Zealand, Sunday night we had an overnight stay in Bangkok.  we stayed in a sweet little hotel, Lilac Comfort Hotel, near the airport.  After breakfast, we took a one-hour walk around the neighborhood and visited a Wat (temple).  Bangkok is packed with color, culture, beautiful architecture and exotic sights.


This is why we LOVE Bangkok!



Bangkok one hour 19



Bangkok one hour 21


The Wat


Teemple 5



Temple 2



Bangkok one hour 13



Temple 1



  Temple 8



Temple 9



Temple 6



Wat 4



Temple 4



Bangkok one hour 6



Bangkok one hour 14



Bangkok one hour 15


The village on the water.


Bangkok one hour 1



Bangkok one hour 5



Bangkok one hour 4


Bangkok one hour 22



Bangkok one hour 18


We get to go back again the end of this month - Yeah!

Check back early next week for the blog on New Zealand.


Wat photos altered using  Kim Klassen's textures.






denise berger

how funny to see TV antennas n discs on the roofs The colors are so beautiful. Still think you should get intouch with national geographic You have such stunning pictures .


That temple is just amazing. I cannot imagine what it must be like for someone to maintain such an ornate building!


LOVE the post-processing on the wat pictures!! And I can't wait to see New Zealand!

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