2011 year-end review
What's In - What's out list for 2012

Our new grocery store in Singapore


Singapore Begins Now!


We are settling into our new apartment - well,  with three suitcases full of stuff.  We have been out and about and have explored the neighborhood.



The closest grocery store - about a 5 min walk across the main street is what they call a wet market - which is an outdoor market with very local food.



Beautiful fresh fish.







Unusual fruits and Vegetables.



We bought these - sweet and interesting - some what like a lychee.  They are called Rambutans.




And the very smelly, icky durian fruit.  We have not tried them yet - but will soon!






Stumble to your site looking at the Cambodia trip. Welcome to Singapore!

Oh, the spiky fruit is the soursop. It's a lovely juicy sour fruit. The durian is more spiky and not really in season now. You'll get to see it soon enough!


Wow! That's the place I always want to go exploring and shopping.
Singapore truly is an interesting place to shop.


You guys are going to have SO much fun exploring both locations and foods!
happy New Year!!!

Robbin Warner

Looks like a great market. You waisted no time blogging about your new home....Here's to a great 2012 in Singapore

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