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Berlin and Hamburg


Berlin and hamburg 9

D had a conference in Berlin so we decided to take a train and stop in Hamburg on the way home.  Believe it or not.....I took very few photos!  Why?  We had a few days of rain in Berlin and two solid days of rain in Hamburg.

Berlin and hamburg 6

We really enjoyed our visit to the Berlin Wall East Side Gallery, a  section of the wall that is still remaining.  It is covered with art.  To see more of the paintings visit my art blog, Ma Vie Trouvee.

Berlin and hamburg 3

Berlin and hamburg 4


 My friend Fatima was also in town with her husband for the conference and we went to the Jewish museum.  It is an excellent museum in a very modern building.


Berlin and hamburg 10


A view from the inside of the building.


Berlin and hamburg 11



Berlin and hamburg 12


A few images I found interesting in the city:

Berlin and hamburg 13



Berlin and hamburg 16


Strawberries are sold throughout the city - in the metro stations and in little huts like the one below.


  Berlin and hamburg 17


Instead of circles for thier green and red lights, they have Ampelmännchen (little men) - running man for go (green) and a stopped man for red.

Berlin and hamburg 18


The Ampelmännchen is a beloved symbol in Eastern Germany, being one of the few features of communist East Germany to have survived the end of the Iron Curtain.  After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Ampelmännchen acquired cult status and is now a popular image on souvenirs and T-shirts.  


Berlin and hamburg 15


How about this for playground safety?  I don't think we would ever see this in the US.


Berlin and hamburg 20

We enjoyed Berlin.  Donald's conference went well and of course we ate lots of good food including the lasagna we deemed "the best lasagna" anywhere when we were in Berlin three years ago!  It took some work, but D was able to locate the restaurant, Latini, and it was just as we remembered.



Berlin and hamburg 26

We had fun in Hamburg.  I selected Hotel East for its super modern design.  Due to a little issue with our first two rooms, we were upgraded to a suite with a chilled bottle of champagne waiting for us, an extra large tub for two, a water-bed and free breakfast each morning......including champagne!  It was extra nice due to the fact it was such a rainy weekend.


   Berlin and hamburg 28 

We spent several hours in the modern art museum and  despite the rain, we did a little shopping.  My very favorite store was Scarpovino -

(Scarpo= shoes and vino=wine)  They sold shoes and wine!  Brilliant!


Berlin and hamburg 22

Reeperbahn street in Hamburg's St. Pauli district, is the hottest spot for Hamburg's nightlife.  It is also the city's red-light district.   In German it is also called die sündige Meile (the sinful mile).  We enjoyed an evening of people watching.

A VERY unique tour guide.  And she he is wearing flats!

Berlin and hamburg 37


Hen-do and Stag-do (bachelor/bachelorette) parties were very poplular on this street - we saw 10 or so.  This group seemed like they were really enjoying the night.


Berlin and hamburg 29


We are seeing more and more of the Beer Bike in cities across Europe - they are so funny.  I will admit, it was the first time we had seen them all shirtless.  Have they hit the states yet? 


Berlin and hamburg 33

Hamburg is definitely a party city!



Cathy, This is my third time visiting this post and I can't believe I didn't leave a comment. I probably had a surge in my ADHD wiring and got sidetracked! Those metal faces inside the museum...very sombering. I can only imagine what it must be like to go through this museum. But on a lighter note, the TOUR GUIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!! But my favorite has to be the one of your DH imitating art. Priceless! That would make a good photo for your checkbook cover! ha ha ha! Xo, Sue

a box of chocolates

wow love the museum, the tour guide, the hotel sounds fabulous and the beer bike well what can I say they look like they are having fun ha ha!!

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