Roaming the Portugese Countryside
Lunch at St. Nicholas Hostellerie - a two-star Michelin restaurant

Madrid, Spain

Madrid oct 2010 49

D had business in Madrid on Thursday and Friday and we stayed the weekend.  We were lucky with beautiful days as the week before they had heavy rain all week.  But with beautiful skies comes crowds of people!


Madrid oct 2010 56 

Colorful Streets

Madrid has really colorful streets.  It is the capital of Spain and is the largest city.  The city dates back to the 9th century.  


Madrid oct 2010 70

Madrid oct 2010 82


Madrid oct 2010 7


Madrid oct 2010 57

Madrid oct 2010 14  



Since I was on my own for two days, I decided to do the Hop 0n - Hop Off open top bus tour.  They are always interesting and give a good overview of the city.  Here are a few buildings I thought were pretty.


Madrid oct 2010 4


Madrid oct 2010 50


Madrid oct 2010 16

For you sports fans - here is the Real Madrid football  stadium (we call it soccer).  Sapin won the 2010 World Cup.  Remember, the pulpa Paul predicted it!

Madrid oct 2010 9


The sight I enjoyed the most was my visit to the Monasterios de las Descalzas Reales - the convent of the barefoot nuns founded in 1559 in the former palace of King Charles I of Spain and Queen Isabel of Portugal.  Their daughter, Joan of Austria, founded this convent after the death of her young husband. 

Throughout the remainder of the 16th century and into the 17th century, the convent attracted young widowed or spinster noblewomen.  Each woman brought with her a dowry, which included such treasures as precious metals, paintings, and religious relics.    With all these possession, the convent became one of the richest convents in all of Europe.


Madrid oct 2010 71

By the mid-20th century it was mostly home to very poor women.   It still held its priceless collection of treasures, but the nuns were forbidden to sell anything.  The state eventually intervened and, with a special dispensation from the pope, the convent was opened to the public as a museum in 1960.

This place, with so many beautiful objects and art to look at mesmerized me.  Photos are not allowed inside.  I took D back on Saturday so he could see it.  I had a different guide and she only repeated 25% of what the first one said - so I learned quite a bit between the two tours.

They say 19 or 20 barefoot nuns still live here, growing vegetables in the garden.   Fyi - the name barefoot nuns came from the open sandals they wore.


Madrid oct 201059


One of D's all-time favorites - Jamon Iberica also called pata negral (black footed pig) is a specialty of this area.  It is cured ham.  The pigs are fed a special diet of acorns.  To cure them, they hang the meat to age for a minimum of 12 months but most cure it for 36 months before serving.  I am not a fan.  It smells just like you would expect a non-refrigerated ham that has been out for 36 months would smell.  I can't even tell you how much of this he ate the five days we were in Madrid.


Madrid oct 2010 53
FYI - it is only 10 am when this photo was taken and we had eaten a big breakfast.  D even tried to convince me to let him buy 1/2 pig to bring home.


Madrid oct 2010 32

But I won the argument with the simple fact that I needed the seat on the airplane more than he needed the pig.  Plus with the amount of weight he gained, it was like he brought one home  :  )


Madrid oct 2010 44

D's other favorite - grilled sardines.


Madrid oct 2010 84

At his favorite bocas (tapas bar), Bar Santurce.  Notice how they throw the napkins on the floor and that there are no tables.  This is very typical of the bocas.


Madrid oct 2010 25

  Madrid oct 2010 29


The grill was going non-stop the entire time we were there.


Madrid oct 2010 27


 I prefer the calamari to the sardines.


Madrid oct 2010 78

Our new favorite food discovery was the pimientos de padron with lots of salt.  We decided they might actually be healthy.


Madrid oct 2010 63


We found the best Mexican restaurant we have eaten at in Europe, Taqueria Mi Ciudad - Sabor de Mexico.  Cheap and oh so good.


Madrid oct 2010 8

Now onto my favorites - of course they are the sweets!  A tray of delectable muffins.  Guess which one I picked?


Madrid oct 2010 88

The ooey-gooey apple caramel one!


Madrid oct 2010 11


And a specialty of the region, churros and hot chocolate.


Madrid oct 2010 91


Madrid oct 2010 36


We had ours at Chocolateria San Gines, founded in 1894.  It is said to be the best.


Madrid oct 2010 19



Like Portugal, Spain has a high unemployment rate, 20 %.  So scenes like the one below, a young boy and his father selling fruit on the corner, are not uncommon.


Madrid oct 2010 43


I am always drawn to the artists painting "en plein air".  This gentleman is painting the very famous Prado Museum.


Madrid oct 2010 81


People out and about in the city.  Guess she knew I was taking this photo, as she is looking straight at me.  I took it from the bus.


Madrid oct 2010 65

Madrid oct 2010 5

Madrid oct 2010 69



Madrid oct 2010 64


Street performers

Because it was such a beautiful weekend - the street performers were out in full force. 

Elegant ones - 

Madrid oct 2010 35

....Odd ones.  She did not move, even when we gave her money.  


Madrid oct 2010 17
....Funny ones.  He had us laughing and we did not understand a word he was saying.  His face expressions said it all!


Madrid oct 2010 73
Madrid oct 2010 79
And probably one of our favorites of all time, the toilet man:


Madrid oct 2010 39
He was very entertaining and again, we could not understand what he was saying.  In fact, we could not read what we were supposed to do.  But he was made us laugh so we gave him money.  You can't tell from the photo but I am scratching behind his ear and he was cooing.


Madrid oct 2010 38
As we stood watching a woman stepped up, gave him a euro and pulled the cord.  He made a flushing noise....down went the puppet and......
Madrid oct 2010 86

And up came a new one.  BRILLIANT!


Madrid oct 2010 48

We had to get a video clip of this one.  Yes, we gave him several Euros for all the photos we took



Well hello Kermit!  We are not sure how many puppets he had; we saw at least eight of them.


Madrid oct 2010 68
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