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J'aime Paris!

Paris - Sept 2010 82

Who says Parisians aren't friendly? 

On Sunday we were in one of our preferred Brasseries eating our favorite dishes,  Mine being a mixed salad with warm goat cheese on toasted bread with ham, an easy over egg, and potatoes.

Paris - Sept 2010 71


 D's is steak with pomme frites.

Paris - Sept 2010 112 (1)

We struck up a conversation with three older french people next to us They were ahead of us in eating so their dessert came out while we had our main course.  They selected the one I had eyed when we walked in - Figue Tartlette.  About 15 minutes passed and we ordered ours - or we tried to order - "fini" - all gone.  OH NO.  The three saw this and knew I was disappointed so the one women shared her tartlette with us!  If that wasn't the sweetest thing.

Paris - Sept 2010 66 (1)

We arrived early Saturday morning.  We checked into our hotel, grabbed sandwiches made on pretzel bread and headed to one of the largest flea markets in Paris, Porte de Clinghancourt officially known as Les Puces de Saint-Ouen but known to everyone as Les Puces (the fleas).  This flea market was officially opened in 1885!

Paris - Sept 2010 10


I am ready for the hunt.

Paris - Sept 2010 47

I told D he looks too sophisticated - he is going to hurt my negotiation technique!

Paris - Sept 2010 17

For a more detailed tour of the flea markets and to see all the goodies I bought, hop over to my art blog at Ma Vie Trouvee.

Paris - Sept 2010 67

That afternoon Thien, Donald's co-worker in from the US joined us.  He has only been to Paris once so we took him to see MontMartre and the Sacre Coeur.  We had a beautiful evening, in fact, we think this was the best weather we have ever had in Paris!

Paris - Sept 2010 77



This was a fun street performer. 

Paris - Sept 2010 51

 And those were real fish in the glass.  If people tried to take his photo without giving him money he would stop the performance.  But he did it in a fun way.

Paris - Sept 2010 124

A few photos from our walk.  I really like this one D took in B&W.


Paris - Sept 2010 35

The romantic dream of being an artist in Paris!

Paris - Sept 2010 62
This photo looks like a watercolor painting to me.

  Paris - Sept 2010 32


Paris - Sept 2010 45

Paris - Sept 2010 33

Paris - Sept 2010 31


On Sunday there is an artist market.

Paris - Sept 2010 23
We purchased a photo collage from the artist below.  The one we liked the best was not of Paris, but of Lisbon.  But since we were going to Lisbon the next week - we decided to buy it.

Paris - Sept 2010 21
Ahhhh another wonderful time in Paris!



Truly drool-worthy pictures!!
Ya'll stay safe, please!

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