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Vienna or as they say - Wien

Vienna sep 2010 1

Vienna is the capital of Austria.  In 2001, the city was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  It is known for its great composers,

Vienna sep 2010 45


Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, and Brahms

Vienna sep 2010 44

Cool coffee houses 

Vienna sep 2010 42

and a coffee craze that started in 1683!

Vienna sep 2010 4

Goulash - so yummy with pickles and a sunny-side up egg.

Vienna sep 2010 9

Doner Kebabs.

Vienna sep 2010

And a wide range of architecture.

Vienna sep 2010 36


We visited back in 1996 and remembered being particularly impressed with the architecture.   Most of the buildings were built during the Hapsburg Empire in the mid 19th century so they have a very stately - grandiose feel.



Vienna sep 2010 6




I was confused at what they were calling in the brochures - the Jugendstil architecture style.  I had never heard of this, but to me it looked just like Art Nouveau.  I just looked it up and sure enough it was just another name for Art Nouveau - the French word for "new art".  Jugendstil is German and translates as "youth style". 

Vienna sep 2010 11

The Majolika House (right above) is one of the most remarkable buildings in this style.  Designed by Otto Wagner in 1899 it is named after the glazed pottery used for the facade. 

Vienna sep 2010 12


Our hotel was centrally located so we were able to walk and take the tram everywhere.

Vienna sep 2010 65


One of the cities biggest markets runs everyday with fresh food and on Saturday a large flea market.  D snapped these photos while I was shopping.  I did not know he took them.  I was too busy digging!

Vienna sep 2010 49 

Vienna sep 2010 52

We went there early so we grabbed breakfast.  D got a Doner Kebab - the perfect breakfast item for him.

Vienna sep 2010 47


I opted for the sweets - cinnamon bread cooked on a cylinder - the inside was hollow and it was still warm.  Words cannot describe.  D managed to help eat half even after his big kebab.

Vienna sep 2010 54

D found a quiet spot at the end to read....until a mini market popped up around him.  He was oblivious that this crowd had formed around him.


  Vienna sep 2010 48

Looks like this man got lucky and found a real treasure - a gold necklace.

Vienna sep 2010 53

The flea market was outrageously expensive but still fun to walk through.  To read more about this adventure visit  my art blog .

Vienna sep 2010 33

Onto the food section.  So vivid and lively.

Vienna sep 2010 68

There were more exotic fruits then we have in Brussels.



  Vienna sep 2010 20

I have never seen artichokes with the flower.

Vienna sep 2010 55 

This is an efficient plant - decorate the table with it one night, eat it the next.

Vienna sep 2010 56

Don't forget your anti-oxidants.

Vienna sep 2010 23


Not sure what the two on each end are!

  Vienna sep 2010 25

They also had good-looking prepared foods.....

Vienna sep 2010 13

and spices.  We picked up a few local spices; fennel and kebab spice.

Vienna sep 2010 28


Hummm wonder what that bright orange one is?  D thought it might be used to color foods.  I looked it up and he was right - it can be used alone or with turmeric to give Moroccan dishes a yellow color (not orange).  It has no aroma or taste and is very messy!

Vienna sep 2010 29

And a few items you would only see in the Austrian/German countries - Pickles -n-

Vienna sep 2010 32



Vienna sep 2010 31

All the shopping made us thirsty and tired.  Time for a people-watching break and a taste of another popular item - sturm.

Vienna sep 2010 67

Sturm is a product of fermented freshly pressed grape juice known as a must.  It is a popular drink this time of year when they are harvesting the grapes.  It was refreshing - like a lemonade.  We did not order a second glass ;  )

Vienna sep 2010 66

Look closely at this photos - where are D&C?

Vienna sep 2010 70

Okay - so a little corny - but we were amused by it!


Vienna sep 2010 71

That night we had a fine dining experience.  Yes, that is a wiener in a bun.

Vienna sep 2010 37

with beautiful outdoor seating.  My meal came from the Happy Noodle place.

Vienna sep 2010 38



and a scrumptious dessert!  We love nice restaurants but we equally love street food!

Vienna sep 2010 39

The fancy restaurants were questionable.  Would you order the first meal on this menu?  We really did eat a few nice traditional Viennese meals of goulash, etc.

Vienna sep 2010 2

Sunday we spent the day at the Schonbrunn Palace, another UNESCO World Heritage site.

Vienna sep 2010 86

In it's heyday, it was the summer residence of the imperial family.  The palace was started in 1695 but was not complete until the mid-18th century.

Vienna sep 2010 87

It stayed in the family until the early 1900, when it became a museum.  It is pretty plain from the outside, but the inside?  We decided it had the most opulent rooms of any palace we have visited.  No photos allowed inside.  A view from the side Garden -


  Vienna sep 2010 90

What I found most interesting is Marie Antoinette grew up here until she was married off at age 15.  Her mother was the well-known Queen Maria Theresa.

A view from the back garden -

Vienna sep 2010 92

A view towards the Gloriette or pavilion.  Built in 1775 and considered the crowning glory of the palace.


Vienna sep 2010 89

The garden also had a maze.....which I could not pull D away from!  He was up on a stand directing me where to go.  What fun......watch Cathy get lost in a maze -  urggggg

Vienna sep 2010 93


Late in the afternoon there was a vintage car rally through the city.  We stood on the corner for an hour where they had to stop for a light so we were able to get a good look at them.  Here is one of D's favorite cars - an MGA roadster.

Vienna sep 2010 81

How cute it this little one?  Almost as small as the little smart car parked behind.  Not sure the make.

Vienna sep 2010 80

I took this photo while peaking in a church.  I think it looks like an old painting.

Vienna sep 2010 79

Our last night's dinner - what else but a doner kebab!  this was where we had our first Kebab of the trip and our favorite - so we went back.

Vienna sep 2010 83

Yeah, I know, looks like all we did was eat and drink in Vienna.  

Vienna sep 2010 84

But are those happy faces or what?  D coined a new term for us on this vacation - we spent most of our time at the "living" museum....observing the Viennese way of life!



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