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2010 Tapis de Fleurs - Flower Carpet of Brussels

The flower carpet of Brussels occurs every two years and it is made predominately of Begonias with accents of dahlias.

Flower carpet big camera new version

It is very difficult to photograph, as the entire carpet will not fit in the camera lens.  In the photo above we were on the balcony looking down.  D seamed two photos together to create a panoramic view.


Flower carpet 44

Begonias have long been associated with Belgium and have been cultivated in the Ghent region since the 1860's.

Flower carpet 60 

Belgium produces 60 million begonias a year and is recognized as the world's largest producer.  With eighty percent of the crops grown for export.

Flower carpet 48

This robust plant is seeded in late January and they bloom all summer long.  The most beautiful blooms are selected to make the famous carpet of flowers.

Flower carpet 69


From design to execution, the carpet requires more than twelve months' work from hundred of volunteers.  This year's construction was interrupted twice by rain showers.

Flower carpet 84

The carpet requires an excess of 300 flowers per square meters, that approximately 700,000 begonias in every hue and shade.  

Flower carpet big camera 22

The flowers are packed together one by one.  The only soil used is for the spaces between the floral pattern (where the green grass is).  

Flower carpet 62

The first flower carpet was created in Brussels in 1971.  Each year it is based on a theme, with this year's theme honors Belgium holding the Presidency of the Council of the European Union.  The presidency rotates throughout the EU every six months.

Flower carpet 110



we were there but your pictures are beautiful. Hope to go back again next year!!

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