RECAP OF 2013 ... tigers, monkeys, & scuba diving - oh my!



"2013 - A Year of Exploration and Learning"





We had another year of jammed-packed travel. 



we took 17 trips

visited  9 countries  

stayed in 25 hotels

flew 39 flight segments

took 3 motorcycle tours

had a 9-hour bus ride

took two train rides

flew on one small plane


were away from home 139 days


Countries we visited this year: Cambodia, India, Indonesia (2x), Malaysia (4x), Myanmar (new), Nepal (new), Thailand (3x), Vietnam (2x), USA (2x). 

D was gone nine days more than me - he traveled to Indonesia 2x and Vietnam 2x without me.

We picked one photo to recap each trip and to best represent our experience/memory of that county.  If you click on the link in blue, it will take you to the blog post for that trip.





 Myanmar (Burma)




Bagan 1






People of myanmar 1





Jakarta, Indonesia









Phnom Phen, Cambodia



  Phnom Phen 2





Bangalore, India



  Bangalore India 2






Hoi An, Vietnam


Hanoi 2



Hue, Vietnam



Vietnam mc ride 2



Hue 15






Bali, Indonesia



Bali 2013 2





Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Malaysia



Scuba (1)



Kuching Sarawak Borneo - Malaysia



Kuching borneo (4)





Penang Georgetown, Malaysia



Penang 2013 228_edited-1





Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



KL 11





Kanchanaburi, Thailand




Tiger park 4



Bangkok, Thailand








Hanoi Vietnam

check back for the post





Ninh Binh, Vietnam

check back for the post



Ninh binh



Kathmandu Nepal



Nepal (1)



We had some amazing experiencing this year from playing with baby tigers, to celebrating my birthday in the jungle of Borneo, to seeing orangutans and proboscis monkeys, to scuba diving!  My goal was to visit 50 countries by my 50th birthday and I made it.  Our favorite country??  Nepal!  Packed with history, culture, religion and tradition.  We can't wait to share these photos with you.


Where will 2014 take us? 

So far, scheduled trips are - Philippines, Australia, and Japan!


Happy New Year to each and every one of our blog readers.  Thank you for coming along on our world adventure.  And keep the notes coming... we love to hear from you!

Happy New Year