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January 24, 2016


Mary Moore

Thanks for the link to this site. Really enjoyed it. We have family in Sydney and also in Queensland. Have seen a tape that the Gaither's did at the opera house there. Loved the pictures of the kangaroo's and the birds. I love painting birds and animals. Nice of you to do the blog, so those of us who may never be there we can still enjoy. I found it interesting that you stated in your blog that some places charge for a parade.

Donna Hoefle

Great travel facts and photos Mate!

kangaroo hopper
A drunk person who cannot stand up by them selves and hops from person to person in order to stay up

Robin aka @thegothamgirl

Love the fresh look of the blog! Wonderful images of you both! Thanks for sharing all about the kangaroos...never knew they did the foot stomping thing! Keep sharing...we learn so much from you!

odile lm

Great pictures as always, Cathy, with a lot to learn about a country which is so far away from Europe!
I loved your kangaroos pictures and how they hide in the landscape as chameleons... They look so cute and funny. You captured them so beautifully and seemed to have much fun being so close to those strange animals.
Thank you for sharing those wonderful views of Sidney Harbour and the worldly-famous Opera, it's really a work of art! Thank you for all the details you share with us about the way it was built.
It must have been nice to be in Sydney during Chinese New Year and all its celebrations... it wasn't so exotic for you though, at that time...


I loved learning about the kangaroos. I only spotted ONE in that picture. I did not realize a building so modern would be a world heritage site. You always have so many interesting factoids in your post and I am happy to have you blogging again!
Love your new banner, too.


You got some great non-trad. shots of the opera house ~ did you have a chance to go inside?

And, of course, the pix were wonderful too!

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