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April 12, 2015


Carol aka Traveller

what a wonderful experience this must have been and you've got some great shots to remember it all by. I'd love to go back to Vietnam again and visit the Mekong Delta and Sapa hill tribes.


Those people napping on the motorcycles cracked me up! You two always have such wonderful adventures and "dig in" to the local culture. I think I might miss your adventures as much as you do.

Mary Ann

The children look very, very happy, don't they? How wonderful to grow up without war and know only peace... they have a beautiful country, too, and I'm glad you showed it to us.

odile lm

I spent a wonderful moment visiting in your company the beautiful region of the Mekong Delta.
Your pictures are so different from what we can see in books and travel magazines... you have a fresh and respectful look over the people, their customs, their way of life... you have a kindly and watchful eye with the people, you are showing us their daily life without any embellishment, you don't hesitate to try their food, to share their way of living, you seem to never fear anything... even the ugly crocodiles!
There's so much to look at and to tell about each picture, people at work, families on their bikes, kids always smiling... I'm amazed to see that the people seem to be happy despite they are poor and working hard... I guess this is a very young country! so many children everywhere...
Thank you for sharing your pictures, thank you for all the things I've learned through your post... I was really interested...


OMGosh!! LOVE the pic of the dear sweet lady just before the kids... what a beautiful face!!!
As always, your pictures make me feel like I'm there ~ especially the ones showing everyday life.
I'm glad you weren't hurt when you fell ~
Hugs ~

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