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March 27, 2015



Ahh, so Nice to see your trip to the Philippines! Lots of the scenes bring back memories! Baguio (Camp John Hay) where dad took us for a mini-getaway, Bibingka, itlog-na-maalat (salted egg. I love that!), the slums (they're everywhere there & such a sad & true part of Msnila) & as mentioned above, you & D were very brave to tour one! Laoag - my bro-in-laws family's from that town! He grew up there til his teen yrs., Jeepneys (know on the ceiling & say "Para!" to get off, Tricycles (that's what their tuktuk' are called, kalesa (horse drawn carriages dating back to the Spanish era, cockfights (which Im not a fan of either), & Yes!..karaoke!..Filipinos favorite pastime! So glad to see your post & see how you experienced both the poor & the nicer sides of the Philippines!


Fascinating how there can be such distinctly different areas in one country that isn't all that big to start with. The slums and the food dumping is heartbreaking and such a contrast to the country club and Spanish Colonial area. Loved the tour, as always!!


Manila reminds me of India! But the countryside is beautiful.

Carol aka Traveller

a fascinating insight into the Philippines. I had no idea so much of Manila was slums. It looks like you had a fascinating trip.

odile lm

So interesting! I've been much impressed by your pictures of the slums... I imagine it's quite adventurous to make a slum tour in Manila and your pictures are so meaningful... we have all heard of Manila slums and the extreme poverty of the people living there but seeing it, walking through it, talking with the people as you did is another story... so courageous of you!
Who would guess that there are still lovely towns there like Vigan dating back to the spanish colonisation?
Such huge differences in the same country...
Thank you for sharing, I've learned a lot through your posts and this one is no exception...

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