Recap 2014 - our most traveled year to date
Sapa, Vietnam - with Erin!

Hanoi with Erin!


Erin's Asian Adventure

Part two - Hanoi



Erin hanoi 40



When traveling with us, it's all about the food!  Our first stop with Erin was our favorite little hole in the wall.... REALLY!  Here is the kitchen:



Erin hanoi 44



Where the specialty is .... pigeon!



 Erin hanoi 5


Erin gave it a try.  Tastes like chicken  :  )



 Erin hanoi 7



 Chop sticks and little chairs - just like a local!



Erin hanoi 6



Erin hanoi 42



This guy stood up to get out of the photo for us.  We told him no, don't leave, just give us a big smile... and he did!



Erin hanoi 43



Another one of our favorites and a Hanoi specialty... Bun Cha. 



Erin hanoi 32


It is basically a noodle soup with pork.  You are served a bowl of broth with grilled pork along with rice noodles and fresh herbs.  Rice noodles and fresh herbs are common in Vietnamese foods.  The side dish with the carrots is the yummy vinegar, fish-sauce sauce to add for flavoring.

Erin hanoi 34



Another one of our favorites and also a Hanoi specialty, egg coffee.  Does it really have egg in it?  Yes.  A raw egg yolk is mixed with sweetened condensed milk, whisked into a froth, and added to the specially brewed coffee.

Does it really have egg in it?  Yes.  A raw egg yolk is mixed with sweetened condensed milk, whisked into a froth, and added to the specially brewed coffee. - See more at:



Egg coffee



 A pile of chickens next to our table.  Welcome to Asian dining!



Erin hanoi 26


We hired Hanoi Kids who we highly recommend as tour guides.  It is an English speaking club for college students.  The tour is free, you just pay for any entrance fees and food/drinks for the students/guides.  It was a great tour and the two girls we had as guides were fun and spoke really good English.


Erin hanoi 28



They took us to the restaurant Xoi Yen, which would have been very difficult for us to navigate as nothing was in English.  The dish does not look appetizing - but we all loved it!  It is basically sticky rice (often called sweet rice or glutinous rice), topped with things like boiled chicken, pate, egg, sausage, pork, corn, fried shallots or seafood.


Erin hanoi 27


Erin menu


Oh and a new find... soft frozen yogurt chunks.  I wish I wrote down the name to share... sorry!



 Erin hanoi 25



Another photo with our guides from Hanoi Kids.



Erin hanoi 16 


 The Morning market

We are used to the markets in Asia but for Erin it was a new (and eye opening) experience.



Erin hanoi 12



Erin hanoi 13



Erin hanoi 14



We didn't only show Erin food!  We visited the Temple of Literature, Vietnam's first and oldest university.  The temple was built in 1070 and is  dedicated to Confucius, scholars, and sages (those having wisdom).




Erin hanoi 17



I have visited here many times as I find it to be a very peaceful place.  Every time I have been, there are students in their graduation gowns.  Kids from all over go to take photos at the temple - it is said that it will bring them good luck in their future studies.



Erin hanoi 18



little ducks



Erin hanoi 20



Always adorable!



Erin hanoi 22




It is a tradition and omen of good luck, to touch the head of all turtles at the temple.




Erin hanoi 24


Erin hanoi 23



We also did a little shopping.  Erin had an Ao Dai (traditional dress of Vietnam) custom made.



Erin hanoi 29



It turned out beautifully!


Erin hanoi 36



D was extra excited about having two women to shop with!


 Erin hanoi 37



Erin needing more money to shop!



  Erin hanoi 31



And I can't do a post on Hanoi without a few crazy motorcycle/traffic shots.  Check out her side pose, so relaxed.



Erin hanoi 30



Erin hanoi 38



This is a great - a designer cover up.  The Vietnamese women cover to protect themselves from the sun.


Erin hanoi 35



We ran into a a funeral procession.  A family will hire extra mourners to walk in the procession to indicate that the deceased was well thought of.  They hire a band and people carry banners with statements written about the deceased, for all to read.  






The city at night


It was interesting to see that they had Christmas decorations up and lit in October!  Like Singapore, they have extravagant lights for a country that does not celebrate Christmas.




Erin hanoi 8


Erin hanoi 1



Here's to Hanoi! 

We were happy to show Erin one of our favorite cities.



 Erin hanoi 46



Erin hanoi 47





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