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Thailand - two beaches and a birthday

July 2014

Happy Birthday to me!


Phuket 16


For my birthday, we went to Thailand and hung out on the beaches of Phuket and Khao Lak.  I am not really a beach girl, but living here in Asia has given me a new appreciation as the beaches are so beautiful.



Phuket 13


It is hard to see in the above photo - but I am wearing my birthday crown from cousin Maria and holding a bottle of champagne - this weekend was all about the celebration!



Phuket 6



In Phuket, we had a beautiful private villa.



Phuket 1


  Phuket 4


Sweet little towel elephants on the bed.



Phuket 15


The villa had a private pool.  

Did I mention this was my fiftieth birthday?  GULP.



Phuket 17



Sweets on arrival, a treat from the hotel.  They also surprised me with the birthday cake in the first photo.



Phuket 3



July is a rainy month in most Asian countries.  The Indian Ocean was too rough to swim, but we were very lucky and had sunny skies for the five days we were there.



Phuket 20



 We did enjoy walks on the beach and collecting shells...



Phuket 7



Quiet time...



Phuket 12


We tasted the local cuisine at a neighborhood restaurant.



Phuket 8



One restaurant had a young hawk tied up outside.



Phuket 9


Phuket 11



Peaceful sunsets...



Phuket 25


We were in Phuket for three days then we moved to a hotel in Khao Lak, about an hour away.  What was unique about this hotel was the pool - it is suppose to be the longest in SE Asia.  It was fun swimming around the property.



Phuket 32


The photo below was taken at sunset - such a pretty glow.  I loved the architecture, it was very Thai.  Our room was the one on the right side - the end unit.  



  Phuket 34



You could jump off our back porch right into the pool.




Phuket 24



And D had fun jumping off the back porch!




D in pool



We enjoyed a few massages.  The price - $15 for an hour with fresh coconut oil.  Oh it had the most wonderful smell!  The beach was directly in front of us - so relaxing to hear the waves.



Phuket 30



The friendly masseuses.



Phuket 31



We had a very enjoyable time at the beach.  Now we need to plan a trip when we can actually swim in the ocean!



Phuket 27


Until next time ...

Sawasdee  - สวัสดี ครับ/ค่ะ



Phuket 37



Yogyakarta, Indonesia


Yogyakarta, Indonesia

July, 2014

Yogyakarta, usually referred to as just Jogja, is a city in Java, Indonesia.  It is a popular tourist destination due to its proximity to Borobudur Temple.  It is also well known for its Batik fabrics.


Print 533a_edited-1


We drove by this neighborhood several times on the bus and we both were intrigued.  So one morning we ventured into it - what a blast!


Yogyakarta borobudura 36


The streets were wide enough for a motorcycle or a becak (their form of a tuk tuk).  When we started for our walk, we did not see anyone.


Yogyakarta borobudura 37


We did see these two unusual little chicks.  Their heads have such an amazing color.  A woman told us they were chickens - but that may have been lost in translation.  I would love to know what kind of bird or chicken they are.  Do you know?



Yogyakarta borobudura 39


As we walked further in to the neighborhood - the children starting to come out.  Shy at first...



Yogyakarta borobudura 40



But then, wanting to pose for us.



Yogyakarta borobudura 47


It wasn't very long before the children came out of the woodwork.  They all wanted to have their picture taken.  We soon had a stream of children walking around the neighborhood with us.


  Yogyakarta borobudura 49


Because they were almost all little girls, we stopped at a local shop and purchased bracelets for them.  It was refreshing that the children did not beg for anything, especially not money.  



Yogyakarta borobudura 54



Aren't they beautiful children?  The one below was so sweet and photogenic.




Look at the batik fabric on her blue dress.  This area is known for their batik.


Yogyakarta borobudura 55


At one point we stopped and spoke to a group of women frying chips.  It was in the middle of Ramadan so all muslims were fasting from sunup until sundown.   They were preparing the food for the entire neighborhood to eat after sunset.



Yogyakarta borobudura 42


One of the neighbors spoke English well, so we chatted with her for quite a while.  She was married to a Dutch man and they owned a restaurant in town.  She invited us to her house for coffee, we declined as we felt uncomfortable drinking when they were not allowed (no drinks during the fasting period either).


Yogyakarta borobudura 48


As we were talking with the ladies, many of the seniors came out to see what was going on.  People were very curious as to what we were doing in their neighborhood.  The one who spoke English told us that tourists/westerners never venture into that area.  The Seniors wanted their photos taken too.  The two women in the photo on the right are sisters.




Next came the moms with the babies.  So sweet!






This little guy was very shy.  He was the son of the woman who spoke english.  His friend with the water balloon thought the whole thing was very funny!   



Print 508


A favorite photo below, with all the boys running to see us - they did not want to be left out of the fun.


Yogyakarta borobudura 57


Yogyakarta borobudura 59


Our walk through this neighborhood was the highlight of our trip.  I LOVE this photo - one last pose before we left the gates of their neighborhood.


Yogyakarta borobudura 58 


Other parts of the city...

the bird vendor



Yogyakarta borobudura 52


There were many interesting graffiti murals throughout out the city.



Yogyakarta borobudura 33


Yogyakarta borobudura 51


Horse buggies were used by tourists ad locals.



Yogyakarta borobudura 16


We always enjoy a four-person motorcycle shot!



Yogyakarta borobudura 20



 It scares me so to see the very young children standing up...but oh what fun for them.



Yogyakarta borobudura 22



Yogyakarta borobudura 34



The gas station...



Yogyakarta borobudura 35



It always amuses us to see the different street eating in Asian countries.  In Yogyakarta, during Ramadan, the street vendors put out mats for people to sit on and eat.  Notice the condiments are even laid out for you.  This was a new one for us.  We did not give it a try...



Yogyakarta borobudura 62



And to end this blog - a photo of D that I really like - by an old textured door.



Yogyakarta borobudura 61