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Bangkok Baby!


Bangkok Thailand

November 2012


Bangkok nov 29



We took a quick trip to Bangkok last week.  Since this is our 4th trip to the city this year - I really did not take that many photos.  And, of the pics I did take, most are of food.  What else is new?  So this is quick post.....and yes, D did buy the chicken from the stand above.



Bangkok nov 15



Bangkok nov 5



Bangkok nov 4


 Fun at the temple:




Bangkok nov 8

We always see a few half-naked men in Bangkok.

Bangkok nov 31



  Bangkok nov 23



D with the young chef from Hong Kong Noodle in Chinatown - where we ate breakfast.  He was quite the comedian.  The food was very good - traditional noodle soup for breakfast.



Bangkok nov 3



More food....


Food 1
These crabs look really good ...


Bangkok nov 16


  Bangkok nov 17



How about a little sea slug?



Bangkok nov 24


Street food at it's best!


The food



Bangkok nov 40


The grill



Bangkok nov 37



The kitchen: the chef is in red.



Bangkok nov 39

The dining room.

We ordered green mango salad, two pork dishes, and a big bowl of rice -

Price $4.00 US.


Bangkok nov 35



 I love this very modern grocery store among the street vendors.



Bangkok nov 20




Bangkok nov 1



Tt bangkok




Bangkok nov 27



Bangkok nov 7


Goodbye Bangkok - See you again in 2013!