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Hanoi - Vietnam


Hanoi 2 (1)


There are over 6 million people living in Hanoi and 4.5 million motor bikes.  Everyone has one.


Hanoi 79

As soon as you step into the streets – the motor scooters start honking at you.  We have never seen so many scooters in our lives.  It is like a stream of water running through the city.  It is very difficult to cross the road in the old quarter. 


Hanoi (2)

We learned that you just step into the road and cross – do not run, do not turn back….just keep going and they work around you.   Seriously – this is how we crossed the road.  And fascinatingly enough – it works.



Hanoi 269

They are used as the family car -


for three


Hanoi 232


for four


Hanoi 271


even 5 - yep count them - 5 on the one scooter!


Hanoi 690



and very little regard for safety!  Helmets are required for adults only.  And not all of them follow this rule.



Hanoi 94



grandma even gets a ride - while using her cell phone



Hanoi 267


Hanoi 244



  Hanoi 211



Hanoi 263


Hanoi 274



Hanoi 611



Hanoi 470


Hanoi 54


They are used as trucks



Hanoi 20


for carrying ducks...


Hanoi 266

 soda delivery


Hanoi 88


nursery delivery


Hanoi 226


 and everything else!


Hanoi 59



Hanoi 90



Hanoi 101



Hanoi 102



Hanoi 209



Hanoi 219



Hanoi 231



Hanoi 264



Hanoi 272



Friends sharing a ride



Hanoi 18


Hanoi 255


and for taking a nap - look closely, there is a hammock in the back of this one.



Hanoi 89



Not a scooter - but impressive they were able to cross the street with this load.


Hanoi 230


and a moving van - scooter!


Hanoi 13


Carol aka traveller

wonderful pictures. It never ceases to amaze me how many people you can get on a scooter or the ingenuity in using it as an all-purpose vehicle


Simply amazing!!!

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