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What and where are we eating?


At hawker stands!


Harker 10

A hawker center is the name given to an open-air complex that has several small booths or hawker stands that sell a variety of inexpensive food.  

Hawker 8

Each dish is made to order, so it arrives hot and is delicious.  You can add additional peppers or spices if you like it hot.


Hawker 3


Hawker centers sprung up in urban areas in the 1950s and 1960s and were considered a venue for the less affluent.  They were primarily built to reduce the unhygienic food preparation by unlicensed street hawkers.  

Hawker 2

Over the years, hygiene standards have vastly improved and the food stall operators are given cleanliness grades (A,B,C) by the National Environment Agency (NEA) to help customers make an informed choice.

Hawker 6

Today the hawker stalls are becoming mainstream and are popping up in food courts in shopping malls.  They are still independently owned by the family - no McDonald's or Burger King in these food centers.

Hawker 5


All meals are served with rice or noodles.  They predominately serve pork, chicken, and fish.  And eggs, lots of eggs.  Beef is not very popular here.  


Hawker 4

The one below has dried fish on the top - I think this is an acquired taste.  Luckily I tasted it before I mixed it in the soup. 




Oh and the very best part of the hawker stands is they are CHEAP!  We have never paid over 5 Singaporean dollars ($3.85 USD) for these meals.


Hawker 6


The restaurant in the photo below is one step up from a hawker stand. They seat you and take your order, but it is still very casual.  This one was located in the part of Singapore they call Chinatown.



This restaurant served chicken only and you could have it on noodles or rice.  Look at that beautiful crispy skin.




We picked noodles.  This meal was twice the price of the hawker stands, 9 SD ($7 USD).  The owner told us they have been in business since 1963!  It was very good.





If you want to see what a rambutan is - hop over to my art blog, ma vie trouvee.


What's In - What's out list for 2012



Donald and Cathy’s

What’s in / What’s out list for 2012


In                                          Out


Singapore                                                    Brussels


sandals and flip-flops                                         boots


shorts                                                                skinny jeans and tights


casual short sleeves for work                            suits  for work


English                                                               French


bubble tea and fruit juice                                  beer and wine


iced coffee                                                        hot coffee


hawker stands                                                   Michelin restaurants


chop sticks                                                        forks                                           


ice cream sandwiches                                        waffles


fish                                                                   beef        


rice                                                                   potatoes


broth-based meals                                            cream-based meals


ice in drinks                                                      never ice in drinks    


Asian décor                                                       Paris décor                                  


full-sized refrigerator                                      tiny refrigerator

shoe lockers                                                      coat closet


marble floors                                                    wood floors


cold (air conditioned ) apartment                      hot apartment           


Singaporean dollars                                           Euros


all stores open on Sunday                                 all stores closed on Sunday


most stores open until 11 PM                            all stores close at 7 PM               


buses                                                               trams


right-hand drive                                              left-hand drive


muggy heat                                                      muggy cold


green outside                                                  gray outside


tissue sellers                                                  street bums      


tweeting birds                                                honking car horns


customer service                                            indifferent clerks


This is from our first four days in Singapore!  We are enjoying it all - learning new things by the minute.  


Our new grocery store in Singapore


Singapore Begins Now!


We are settling into our new apartment - well,  with three suitcases full of stuff.  We have been out and about and have explored the neighborhood.



The closest grocery store - about a 5 min walk across the main street is what they call a wet market - which is an outdoor market with very local food.



Beautiful fresh fish.







Unusual fruits and Vegetables.



We bought these - sweet and interesting - some what like a lychee.  They are called Rambutans.




And the very smelly, icky durian fruit.  We have not tried them yet - but will soon!