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Lunch at St. Nicholas Hostellerie - a two-star Michelin restaurant


Lunch at St Nicolas 19


Yesterday D took off work and we drove an hour and a half into the western part of Belgium to go to

St. Nicholas Hostellerie - a two-star Michelin restaurant.


Lunch at St Nicolas


Warm bread was immediatly brought to the table.  Then, our first course, an amuse bouche.  From left to right: a guacamole pillow wrapped in bacon, prawn marshmallow, and goose foie gras covered in a crackle crust served with a glass of kir.


Lunch at St Nicolas 20


The little pillow crunched in our mouths

and then a shot of guacamole flooded in.


Lunch at St Nicolas (1)


The marshmallow melted like air, dispersing

a shrimp flavor over our tongues.


Lunch at St Nicolas 31


The next course, another amuse bouche, was king crab wrapped with beef carpacchio; and in the white dish, (right to left) goose and quail liver parfait with shrimp, risotto, and a mushroom.  The parfait was delectable.  This was served with a nice white wine from Spain.


Lunch at St Nicolas 35


What a fun way to serve a small taste. 

Just a simple glass turned upside down.


Lunch at St Nicolas 43



The chef, Franky Vanderhaeghe, described the main theme of his cooking as "pure gastronomic pleasure".


Lunch at St Nicolas 41

Here is a detailed shot of the goose and quail liver parfait.


Lunch at St Nicolas 38


The chef is fairly young to have two stars. 

He creates very innovative and creative dishes.


Lunch at St Nicolas


We have never seen black gloves worn by the servers. They had them on when they placed the silverware on the table or when serving a dish. I wonder how many time they take those gloves on and off in a day?


 Lunch at St Nicolas 36


Our third amuse bouche was a cup of prawn bisque with veal tartar on the bottom.  The herb leaf was peppered with parmesean cheese.  And on the plate was ham pate wrapped in a vegetable casing.


Lunch at St Nicolas 5


Look at the little puprle leaf on the left.

Lunch at St Nicolas 4


A unique table accessory, an eyedropper design used for olive oil for our bread.


Lunch at St Nicolas 14


Our appetizer was shrimp served five ways.  

But we think there was a frog leg thrown in there (sometimes hard to tell with the language barrier)  :  )  all were divine.


Lunch at St Nicolas 15


The biscuit on the end of this shrimp roll was so savory.


Lunch at St Nicolas 17


Our main course was wild boar with potato quenelle, celeriac puree, and mixed fall vegetables.  They pared a soft red wine from Bordeaux.


Lunch at St Nicolas


At first we were told it was deer and it was described to us as white pork - remember we are in west flanders - the Dutch speaking part of Belgium.  We tried again with another server who was able to tell us in French which of course D was able to understand...wild boar.


Lunch at St Nicolas 18


The boar meat was delicious and as tender as butter. 

Lunch at St Nicolas 26


We thought this garnish was very creative - endive leaves wrapped around the potato quenelle.  We may have to give this one a try at home.


Lunch at St Nicolas 33

 Dessert time!  For the first round, we were served pear sorbet and mint foam marshmallows.


Lunch at St Nicolas 9


With a little biscuit and meringue.


Lunch at St Nicolas 7


The yellow cube is the mint marshmellow.


Lunch at St Nicolas 42


Next came our coffee.


Lunch at St Nicolas 29


I absolutely loved the container the cream came in.  When we took off the lid - it had a little ladle.


Lunch at St Nicolas 24


I need to look for one of these for us to serve our cream!


Lunch at St Nicolas 30


This is what I love about the Michelin restaurants, just when you think you are finished, out comes another round of desserts!


Lunch at St Nicolas 8


The very popular macroon with an orange filling,


Lunch at St Nicolas 28


a lemon drop with silver leafing which burst with flavor as we bit into it,


Lunch at St Nicolas 22


and a decadent brownie bite.


Lunch at St Nicolas 27


I like this angle D captured of our sweet little morsels.


Lunch at St Nicolas 23

When we finished the second round of desserts, D leaned back and declared this to be a perfectly wonderful meal!


Lunch at St Nicolas 34

I agreed!